Why Geri-Care

Why Health Care Professionals Insist on GERI-CARE Products:


Buying Geri-Care is buying peace of mind from inferior foreign products and state auditor scrutiny.

In an era where pharmaceuticals are produced in many parts of the world, product integrity and quality are often compromised. Geri-Care's domestic manufacturing is the best guarantee that patients receive only the highest quality products. All Geri-Care's products are FDA approved and held to the same high standards as their brand equivalent. In contrast, foreign factories often fail to ensure quality control, producing inferior, potentially harmful products without consequences. Therefore, the majority of Americans mistrust drugs manufactured in India and China (Pew Survey, 2010).

Geri-Care voluntarily complies with stringent Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations, which contain minimum requirements for the methods, facilities, and controls used in manufacturing, processing, and packaging of a drug product. Geri-Care is inspected by independent labs, such as UL, to ensure that their drugs meet cGMP standards. These regulations ensure that a product is safe for use, and what the label says is actually in the bottle. Buying Geri-Care means buying Made in USA, and it is the best assurance that patients are ingesting quality tested medications.


Buying Geri-Care is buying peace of mind for your patient's medical needs.

Geri-Care is dedicated to manufacturing the best products for patients in your care. We specialize in producing geriatric Over-the-Counter medications and fully understand the unique needs of your patients and staff. Geri-Care's products are user friendly and easy to identify. The color and design of our labels and tablets are easily identifiable and consistent.


Buying Geri-Care is buying peace of mind from mismedication.

Geri-Care offers over 250 products, covering the entire spectrum of Over-the-Counter products. Our bottles are easily identifiable and consistent. All of our products have the Drug Facts and dosage directly on the bottle. Uniformity avoids medication error, ensuring that the nursing staff is able to provide the correct medication and dosage to patients in the most efficient manner.