The Retail Segment

Retailers are positioning themselves as suppliers to the price conscious private label consumer, by providing quality National Brand Equivalent pharmaceuticals at the best value. Geri-Care is uniquely positioned to fill this need, at the price the market demands. With Geri-Care's high volume, powered by mass institutional sales, Geri-Care is able to purchase its raw materials at considerably reduced costs, passing these savings to our customers. In addition, our sizable customer base allows us to stock large volumes of product so your orders are ready to ship when you want them. In fact, Geri-Care currently stocks a 3 month supply of private label store brand product for all of our retail partners.

Our state of the art inventory system, with bar coding of product from production through point of sale, ensures accuracy of inventory and transparency to our customers. We can provide information on the status of our retailers' orders during every step of the production chain. Consequently, many retailers are able to forego the expense of dual sourcing every product, since Geri-Care's delivery is exceedingly reliable.

For those retailers that are interested in Private Labeling their products, Geri-care has the experience to provide them with quick turnaround and accurate label copy. Our experienced Art Department, in conjunction with our customer, can design labels that follow all FDA requirements, quickly and efficiently. The roster of Geri-Care's satisfied customers includes virtually every major pharmaceutical and retail chain.

Our Retail Partners