Foreign Pharmaceuticals


Pharmaceuticals produced overseas often come with inadequate package design and insufficient label information. This can lead to dangerous errors, including:

  1. Crushing medicine that should not be crushed
  2. Failure to "Shake Well".
  3. Failure to take the medicine with food when required.
  4. Failure to supply adequate fluid with medicine when required.
  5. Failure to be cautious of the "Warnings" associated with the medicine.
  6. Dose omission or multiple dosing.
  7. Overdose or under dose.
  8. Wrong product administered.
  9. Administered at the wrong time.
  10. Using expired product.

Geri-Care: The Branded Solution for Avoiding Errors

In an era where pharmaceuticals are produced in many parts of the world, often resulting in inferior quality, Geri-Care's domestic manufacturing is the best guarantee that your patients receive only the highest quality products. To maintain our high standard of quality, Geri-Care professionals are constantly researching and monitoring the latest communications, trends and results from the FDA, USP and health care organizations. Our ongoing dialogue with health care geriatric professionals contributes to the company's extensive knowledge and understanding of the population consuming its pharmaceuticals, and its particular expertise in serving the nation's nursing homes.

All of Geri-Care's products feature the Drug Facts directly on the label of the bottle. The color and design of our labels and tablets are easily identifiable and consistent. Uniformity avoids medication error, ensuring that the nursing staff is able to provide the correct medication and dosages to patients in the most efficient manner. Geri-Care produces over 250 OTC medicines and nutritionals, more than 170 specifically geared to the nursing home market.