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70-year-old Filmmaker Creates Film On His Own slide
70-year-old Filmmaker Creates Film On His Own slide

70-year-old Filmmaker Creates Film On His Own

Meet Robert Belinoff, 70yrs old from Arizona. Robert is a filmmaker, writer, and speaker on creativity and aging. After 30 years of working with his production crew, Robert decided to retire and try something new: take on a short story film project completely alone. After turning 70, Robert took what little knowledge of current film technology and production he had from his formerly owned production company and began to get to work.

Robert says “I wanted to make a short movie like a writer makes a short story. Alone.” He realized that if he was going to take on a solo project, he would not have access this time to the expertise previously available to him through his production company. “I wanted to be open to sere dipity and chance. This was to be an exercise in my ability to let go. I would follow where the work wanted to take me,” he says.

Thanks to modern technology, you could technically make a script, shoot, and edit a film completely on your own. Along with the explosion of film festivals, this opens the gates for other creative perspectives from filmmakers like Robert, that might not be seen otherwise. The film, titled “Seventy”, is all about aging. Through this creative project, Robert was able to let go of his insecurities around aging. “Seventy” debuted at the Taos Shortz Film Festival this year, and serves as a testament that you can LIVE LIFE WELL at any age.