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Our Gulfport, Mississippi Facility

In October 2010, Geri-Care acquired one of the nation's best known drug manufacturing facilities, the original Phillips Milk of Magnesia plant. Within a short time, Geri-Care doubled its production capacity and is now the nation's largest producer of liquid antacid products. Located in Gulfport Mississippi, the 132,000 square foot FDA approved facility is the original Phillips' Milk of Magnesia plant. Geri-Care has the advantage of being one of the few vertically integrated manufacturers and distributors of liquids and solid dose medications.

Geri-Care's move into Gulfport was more than just part of an expansion program for the company. It was an enormous economic boost for an area still suffering from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. It immediately saved nearly 150 jobs that were on the verge of being terminated when the previous owners were set to close the plant. It also reinforced Geri-Care's commitment to manufacture its products in the US with its guarantee of superior quality, as opposed to drugs manufactured in countries like China and India where the quality is suspect at best. Geri-Care's move was applauded by state, local and federal elected officials. .

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